Once upon a time there was a merchant who had three daughters. Beauty was his favourite.

She used to rise at four in the morning to have the house clean for the family.

One day the merchant had to go away, and he asked the girls what they would like as a present. Beauty  asked for a rose.

When he was coming back home, there was a sudden storm. He found an empty castle and had supper there.

The next morning, he went to the garden and picked a rose.

A beast sprang out.

–         You’re stealing my favourite flowers! Bring your daughter to me, or I’ ll kill you!

He arrived home in tears.

–         Take me to the castle! said Beauty.

In the castle, Beauty had the finest room and  all kinds of presents.

Beauty and the Beast became good friends. The Beast gave her a magic mirror that she could use to see her family.

One day, she saw that her father was ill.

–         If you promise to return in eight days, you can go, said the Beast.

Her father recovered, but the jealous sisters asked  Beauty to stay.

“ So the Beast will kill her, they thought”

One night Beauty woke from a nightmare : the Beast was dying!

She went back to the castle.

Beauty ran to the Beast.

–         Don’t die! I love you!

At these words, the Beast turned into a prince.

–     An evil witch turned me into a beast and only love could transform me back, explained the prince.

And they lived happily ever after.


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