In the Jungle with the Wild Animals (2)

Înainte de vacanţa de iarnă am postat câteva materiale despre animalele sălbatice şi acum, fiindcă am scăpat de serbări şi alte cele, vreau să mai adaug nişte poezioare şi cântecele.


I’m a Little Penguin (to the tune of „I’m a Little Teapot”)

I’m a little penguin
Black and white,
Short and wobbly
An adorable sight.
I can’t fly at all
But I love to swim,
So I’ll waddle to the water
And dive right in!

A Little Squirrel

There was a little squirrel.
He ran up a tree.
When he turned around
He threw a nut at me.


Every little bunny
Has a habit that is funny.
It doesn’t matter where he goes
He always wrinkles up his nose.


An Elephant
An elephant is fat and strong,
His trunk is very, very long,
His tail and ears flap bugs away,
And keep him cool on hot, hot days.

Ten Little penguins

Ten little penguins,
Standing on the ice.
All of them are smiling,
They seem so very nice.
They play out in the snow,
All the winter long,
They eat a lot of fish,
Which makes them big and strong.



„Who is the animal baggy and gray,
(Circle both arms.)
That walks in the forest with a sway?
(Sway both arms.)
Who runs around on big, big toes,
(Point to toes.)
And feeds himself with his nose?
(Point to nose.)
The elephant!”
(Clap hands 1 time.)

Wondrous wild life
Proud penguins
Walking wobbling
Swimming splashing

Divine dolphins
Performing playing
Spinning swiftly

Sleek seals
Dipping diving
Strolling slowly

Wrinkly walrus
Diving dropping
Slipping sliding

Precious polar bear
Wickedly white
Stalks seals slowly


1.   Collect pictures of zoo babies and their mothers. The students can match each baby to its mother.

2.   Elephant Walk- Go for an „elephant walk” in one long line. Everyone is to stretch one hand each back through their legs and, with the other hand, take the outstretched hand of the person in front. The children will be lined up, attached like elephants holding trunks and tails. Move to slow music.

3. Elephant Soccer- Children get into a circle with legs wide apart. Hold their arms down in front of them with hands clasped together for trunks. Roll a ball across the circle trying to get it between someone’s legs. Use only your trunks to keep the ball from going through your legs.

4. Play „Monkey See, Monkey Do”, children copying the actions or silly antics of a child chosen to be the leader.

5. Use discarded socks to create various zoo animal puppets. Cut horns, ears, eyes, and spots from colorful construction paper. Staple, glue, or tape them to the socks. For an elephant’s trunk, roll the foot of the sock to form the trunk. Use strips of tape to hold the trunk together. Create a brief skit for your child to use his puppet.


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