LOVE for Mother’s Day

„Your love and affection has made me the person I am today, thank you Mom”.

Mother Is The Best

My mom is really great;
She’s sweet as she can be;
When I need some help, I know
She’s always there for me.

Mom loves me all the time,
Even when I’m a pest;
She always takes good care of me;
My mother is the best.

Extra Special Mom

Mom, you’ve always been the best
A better mom than all the rest.
I’m thankful for all the things you do
I’m glad my mom is extra special you!

On Mother’s Day, I want you to know
You’re the greatest mom, and I love you so.
There’s one more thing I want to say:
I wish you Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Your Special Day
(Original Author Unknown: Sung to: „The muffin man”)
Mommy, it’s your special day,
And it’s time for me to say
I’m glad for all the things you do.
Thank you, Mommy, I love you!

I  love mother – Frere Jaques tune

I love mother, I love mother,
Yes I do, yes I do
All I want to say is
Happy Mother’s Day
I Love you, I love you.

Mother’s Day Song  (My fav <3)
(Original Author Unknown, Sung to: „You are my sunshine”)
I love you mommy
My dearest mommy
You make me happy
When I am sad
I want to tell you
I really love you!
When I’m with you I am so glad!


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