Family Bingo

For Sunday afternoons, I have a nice game for you.

Here are the rules and the flashcards you need.

Have fun!

The flashcards: FamilyBingo

The rules:

1 Pick some kind of object to mark your squares. Examples: beans, pennies, smarties, wrapped candy, cereal, or any other small items
#2 Give each player a bingo card and markers. Have each player put a marker over their free space.
#3. Call out items from the call list [last page of download]. Each player will cover that item on their card with a marker. Once a player has 5 squares covered, in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they call out bingo and win the game!

For the Caller:
You may play this game two different ways.
#1. You may call out the name of the item {ie house} OR
#2. You may call out any letter from the alphabet. There is a picture for each letter of the alphabet on all the cards {except the letter v and q}. Have each player mark the picture that start with that letter


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