Halloween with Dr. Jean

Dr. Jean este o sursă infinită de resurse, de aceea profit de orice ocazie să împărtăşesc şi cu voi minunăţiile de pe blogul ei: drjeanandfriends.blogspot.ro

Halloween-ul vine aici cu cântece, poezii şi multe altele 🙂

Halloween Medley
(Tune:  “I’m a Little Teapot” – Happy Everything CD)
Halloween is coming when we’ll be
Dressed in funny clothes and then we’ll see
Pumpkins in the window shining bright.   (Put hands over head like a pumpkin.)
Oh, we’ll have a good time                     (Clap hands.)
On Halloween night!
We’ll put on our costumes, walk down the street,   (Walk in place.)
Hold out our bags and say, “Trick or Treat!”         (Pretend to hold out a bag.)
Then we’ll say “thanks” and run away.                   (Run in place.)
We can hardly way for Halloween Day.                  (Clap hands.)
The Five Days of Halloween
(Tune:  “Twelve Days of Christmas” – Happy Everything CD)
On the first day of Halloween my monster gave to me, (Hold up 1 finger.)
A bat in an old, dead tree.                  (Flap arms like a bat.)
On the second day …2 creepy spiders  (Wiggle fingers like spiders.)
On the third day…3 howling cats         (Stroke whiskers.)
On the fourth day…4 silly scarecrows  (Jiggle like a scarecrow.)
On the fifth day…5 jack-o-lanterns     (Hands over head like a
Choose one child to be the bat, 2 to be spiders, 3 to be cats, etc. to act out the song.
3 Little Witches
(Tune:  “Ten Little Indians”)
One little, two little, three little witches.
Flying over haystacks, flying over ditches.
Slid down the moon and tore their britches!
Hi, ho, Halloween’s here!
Sitrring Our Brew
Stirring and stirring and stirring our brew…             (Pretend to stir.)
Wooooooo!   Woooooo!                                             (Cup hands by mouth.)
Stirring and stirring and stirring our brew…             (Stir.)
Wooooooo!   Wooooo!                                               (Cup hands by mouth.)

Tip-toe.  Tip-toe.  BOO!                                         (Pretend to tip-toe.)

Scary Things
Halloween is a good time to talk about things that are real and things that are pretend.  It’s also helpful to talk about things that scare us.  I always talk about things that scare me, and that usually encourages the children to open up and talk about things that scare them.  Everybody’s afraid of something, and that’s O.K.  Make a class book called “Scary Things” where each child draws their fears and dictates or writes a story about them.
Here’s one of my favorite finger plays for October:
This is Jack O’ Happy.  (Arms around head and smile.)
This is Jack O’ Sad.  (Make a sad face.)
This is Jack O’ Spooky.  (Open eyes and mouth wide.)
This is Jack O’ Mad.  (Make an angry face and growl.)
This is Jack in pieces small.   (Open up palms.)

But in a pie he’s best of all.  (Circle arms like a pie.)


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