We love the Easter Bunny

Here Is a Bunny

Here is a bunny         (Hold up index and middle fingers.)
With ears so funny.   (Wiggle fingers.)
And here is his
Hole in the ground.     (Make hole with fist of the other hand.)
At the slightest noise he hears,
He pricks up his ears,  (Wiggle fingers.)
Then hops to his
Hole in the ground!      (Pretend to hop bunny ears into the hole.)
Where Is My Bunny?
Where is my bunny?   (Put hands behind your back.)
No one can see.         (Shake head.)
I think that my bunny
Is hiding from me.      (Look over shoulder.)
Here is my bunny.       (Hold up 1 thumb.)
He’s found a friend.    (Hold up other thumb.)
Look at all the others.  (Slowly stick up fingers.)
Now there are ten!      (Wiggle fingers.)

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