The only teaching advice I have for you: LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

Imagine yourself stepping into a classroom full with noisy kids. What are you doing here exactly? How are you going to keep them quiet and actually teach?

I was pretty confused too on my first day. I didn’t have much experience and I used to work only with very small groups. I had no idea what to begin with in the first place and how should everything work out? And yes, I had a lesson plan :))

What saved me?

When I was tired, suffering from headaches and felt like I couldn’t stand noise anymore, for certain all the teaching advice from the books couldn’t convince me to go on.

Only the love for teaching.

The curious little eyes looking at me in the morning.

The enthusiasm and the drama (ya, kids could teach you drama when they need to get something).

The fabulous speed for learning.

The challenge: how am I gonna teach that and how am I gonna keep them focused?

The impressed parents.

The childish activities, the songs and the cute poems.

That is also why I started this blog 3 years ago: for the love of teaching :).

Happy birthday, Engleza la Grădi!

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