25 Easy Pretend Play Ideas

I really believe children learn better while pretending to play.

With my kids I played the shop and learnt the fruits, the vegetables, foods & drinks, the clothes, the toys and many others…We also played the doctor, the birthday party, cooking, fairytales, the wedding, the city :).


For the best play:

  • come up with a great scenary
  • play your role the best you can
  • the decor is very important
  • be flexible, children have a lot of imagination and they will change the story completely


Here are some pretend to play ideas from a great site: No Time for Flas Cards

  1. Superhero Props & Play
  2. Playdough Cupcake Bakery
  3. Vet Clinic
  4. Laundry Basket Sail Boat
  5. Airplane Voyage
  6. Princess Wand
  7. Pretend Play Elevator
  8. Robot Costume
  9. Weather Man
  10. Pizza Parlor Play
  11. Music Stand for Kid Concerts
  12. Kitchen Camp Out
  13. Cowboy Vest
  14. Pretend Play Art Gallery
  15. Coffee Shop Play
  16. Cereal Box Laptop
  17. Fire Truck
  18. Restaurant Play
  19. Science Lab
  20. Bubble Wand Lightsabre
  21. Library Play
  22. Knight’s Shield
  23. Santa’s Workshop – Be An Elf !
  24. Grocery Store Play.
  25. Post Office Play

What’s your favourite one?


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