The Year of Playful English, or that’s what they say about 2015

Hello and Happy New Year!


I just got back from a great vacation with my family and friends. There was no internet connection, we only had our stories and jokes, lots of relaxation, cold and snow :). I feel happy to start a new year of blogging on Engleza la Gradi with you.

I admit I was not quite the blogger of the year lately and there were some good personal reasons for that but I really like fresh starts so I’m gonna take the beginning of 2015 to set 2 resolutions for my activity here.

1. Tuesday will be the official posting day

2. This year I will be focusing on videos and on the method.

You will find extra English tips on the  

Facebook page: Engleza la Grădi,

Twiteer page: @englezalagradi

Pinterest: englezalagradi.

It’s great to be back online. I’ll leave you with a first video lesson from Elf Learning: 



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