The lesson about sugar and fats in kindergarten

Teaching kids nutrition can be quite fun, and the following activity will hopefully help children take better decisions later. The source:

Parents, please do not forget: sweets are not the best reward for kids health and junk food =garbage, not food.



• 4 cones (for boundaries)

• 2 fluffballs

• Music and player

• Portable white board or chart paper with 2 different color markers (optional)

• 2 fruit and vegetable beanbags (optional)

Download the complete pdf instructions from here: Sugar and Fat Tag




Create large (30X30 paces) activity area.

• Select 2 students to be Taggers; name 1 “Sugar,” the other “Fat.”

• Give each Tagger 1 fluffball.


1. “Sugar” and “Fat,” will try to safe tag (with their fluffballs) as many healthy students as they can while the music is playing.

2. When tagged, shout either “Sugar!” or “Fat!” – whichever 1 tagged you, while you jog in place.

3. When you hear and see someone who has had too much sugar or fat (a person tagged), rescue them!

4. You do that by tapping them on the shoulder and saying either “Fruit” or “Vegetable.”

5. The person tagged responds by naming a fruit or vegetable.

6. When they do, give each other a high-five, and continue playing.

7. (Switch taggers every 1-2 minutes and change what students do when they’re tagged; e.g., march in place, jump an imaginary rope, do jumping jacks, etc.)

8. Wrap It Up

• What does the A in SPARK stand for? (Avoid excess sugars and fats.) Today you really did try to avoid Sugar and Fat!

• Why does your body need nutritious food? How can you avoid eating too much sugar and fat?

• What does the S in SPARK stand for? (Select fruits and vegetables.) Who will name a time when you can select a fruit or vegetable?

• Today you heard the names of a lot of different fruits and vegetables. Ask a parent to include some in your lunch every day.


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