Meeting the children from #AjungemMari project

Today I met for the first time Diana, my teaching partner from Ajungem Mari educational project. You can read more about the project here: Da-ti pasiunea mai departe! She’s 17, very kind, the children loved her immediately and I am confident we can come up with a lot of great activities for the kids.

seven dwarfs

We teach English to 7 little dwarfs and they seem pretty happy to have not one but two White-Snows :))) They are smart, friendly, eager to learn new things, curious…they are amazing and we are very lucky to have the chance to spend 2 hours with them every Sunday. Their social assistant is also a nice person and it seems to take good care of them :).

I was very nervous for our first class and I packed a bag full of books, worksheets and other „goodies”, also sweets and candies aka motivational stuff and went to their place.

Me and D. planned to introduce ourselves to the little ones and to set some ground rules. Also to have a basic lesson about numbers and ABC. So I will explain below exactly how our activity was.


Hello! My name is… and I am X years old. Nice to meet you! (They weren’t very good at numbers so we went on with…)

Learning the numbers

Repeating the numbers 1 to 10 together, clear and loud

Introducing the song How Old Are You? about numbers and age

Writing down the numbers 1 to 10


Learning the ABC

Pronunciation and one word for each letter – flashcards activity

Now I know my ABC song

Ground rules

classroom rules autism classroom news

We really had a good time and after actually meeting the children we have lots and lots of ideas for the next weeks. Every Sunday you can check out our lesson plans on the blog and support us with your comments.




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