ABC’s, Numbers & Colours #AjungemMari

Another amazing day with the children from Ajungem Mari project :). It feels so great to be with them even 2 hours a week as I really missed teaching.

We are still working on basis so today we had a quick review on ABC’s and on Numbers.

Here is a nice game we’ve played on Numbers Recognition & Writing

  • 1-10 flowers
  • one-ten butterflies

1901621_793141847432666_4973978244048327276_nEach child had a butterfly and they had to fly to the right flower. After completing the pairs, they took a good look at them and they had to write the numbers 1-10 on their notebooks. They’ve really made some progress since our last lesson so me and D. are very confident.

Next was the ABC review where we used the flashcards from the last time and remembered the ABC song. Again, we were happy to see the children knew it much better.

The new lesson was about Colours.D. teached them the colurs using a nice, cute book.





Next we had a little game. We put colour stickers in the room and each child had to run to a specific colour. So we could name this game „Run to…” red, green, yellow, brown, purple, pink, white, black, blue.


I cannot wait for the next Sunday to come. I am thinking of some crafts and creative activities with the kids. Also a name for our group…this should be really fun.





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