More activities on colours #AjungemMari

I arrived to my 7 kids today filled with plans . They were so happy to see me and excited about their new gadget: a calculator they bought themselves.

They were also very distracted, noisy and pretty difficult to work with. I still managed to have some interesting activities.

#1 Numbers Evaluation with a calculator.


I wanted to evaluate their numbers recognition so I gave them some calculus: Two Plus Seven Equals Nine, Ten Divided to Two Equals Five … They really liked it because of the calculator but we still need to practice on numbers.

# The Colours

After writing again the colours and repeating them, we had little evaluation with these flashcards. Also practiced some reading.









# The verb „to have”

We’ve first learnt the pronouns having some problems on ‘we’ pronunciation. But it was ok in the end. After learning the verb ‘to have’, each child made simple sentences with it.











Instead of conclusion

I have put a lot of heart in this activity and I am happy to see results as tiny as they can be. Today I left the apartment pretty discouraged. It’s hard to have focused kids eager to learn English on a Sunday afternoon.

I strongly wish to make them dream more about what they can become and get them more involved. I believe I am turning into a better version of myself every time because I cannot inspire them otherwise. I was always a fighter and a dreamer but these kids really make the best of me. It is the best thing they can give me in return. My only hope is to not disappoint them.



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