A trip in the mountains

Who’s ready for an adventure?

Pack your bags because we’re going to a mountain trip. 

Take a pair of boots and warm clothes, a tent and a sleeping bag, the first aid kit, a life vest, a flashlight and a whistle. Don’t forget about the camera to take amazing pictures and a big smile on your face.


The story begins with M., her father and sister and myself. M drew a map for the road, we got into the car and the adventure began. We laughed, we sang happy songs and we even stopped and went fishing for lunch.

But after we had entered the magic forest, something happened. 3 pairs of eyes were shining in the dark: a wolf, a fox and a bear. They were all watching us and they were decided not to let us pass, so we had to come up with a solution to flee from them…


And the story can go on for several posts :)). To sum up, just print the flashcards below and you can have a great English class revising the vocabulary, learning new words and imagining all sort of stories.

Click to download the Camping- flashcards & Camping- categorizing. Sursa: www.kidsparkz.com





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