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October Poem

primary poems-002

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Halloween Alphabet


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Who’s afraid of Halloween spells?

This Halloween it’s all about scary witches, spells and black cats so we are out for finding the perfect costume.

I really hope our little assitants will enjoy helping us and…learning fresh words.

Let’s start with the WITCH HAT

w.1We can’t call ourselves witches if we don’t wear a BLACK DRESS

w 2

Nothing won’t scare you more than some witch’s ugly SHOES


Now that we’re ready, let’s grab the BROOM and fly over the city to look out for some naughty children…

w. 5

Meanwhile, light the fire for the CAULDRON 🙂


So…you better give us all your candies, otherwise the Bad Witches will put a spell on you!

little witch


Halloween party by Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart ne propune o petrecere de Halloween înfricoşător de grozavă :). Aţi pregătit costumele?


Here is the invitation

sk invitation


Watch out for the phobias


Enjoy halloween games



Don’t forget about the jack-o’-lantern


Oh, and be careful not to end up in a witch’s cauldron



Have a scary party!

Halloween Games & Activities

Balloon Jack-O-Lanterns:  blow up an orange balloon for each Ss. Out of construction paper make face pieces to create ajack-o-lantern. Glue the face pieces to the balloon. (TP: V: jack-o-lantern, balloon, face vocab).

Costume Party:  Something all kids love to do – dress up in a Halloween costume.  Prizes can be given for best, scariest, funniest, etc.

Halloween Walk:  Form line on one side of room. Cross room in following ways: 1). Fly like a bat; 2) gallop like a cowboy on a horse; 3) hop like a bunny; 4) roll like a pumpkin;
5) dance like a princess; 6) creep like a cat; 7) walk like a skeleton; 8) float like a ghost; 9) stomp like a monster.  (TP: V: Action verbs with Halloween vocab).

Making Masks:  Making masks is always fun and is also a good review for parts of the face, colors and names of characters (Dracula, monster, witch, etc.).  Simple masks can be made with paper plates and string.  A competition can be held and prizes given for the best, the funniest, the scariest, the most colorful, the biggest.  (TP: V: Face vocab, colors, Halloween characters).

Trick or Treat Game:  Place slips of paper in a brown lunch bag.  On each write down a different „trick” such as „hop on one foot” or „close your eyes and touch your nose.”  Have each child in turn, say, „trick or treat” and draw a paper from the bag.  When s/he performs the „trick” say „treat” and give him/her either a Halloween sticker or a candy.  (TP: V: action verbs, trick, treat).

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Halloween with Dr. Jean

Dr. Jean este o sursă infinită de resurse, de aceea profit de orice ocazie să împărtăşesc şi cu voi minunăţiile de pe blogul ei: drjeanandfriends.blogspot.ro

Halloween-ul vine aici cu cântece, poezii şi multe altele 🙂

Halloween Medley
(Tune:  “I’m a Little Teapot” – Happy Everything CD)
Halloween is coming when we’ll be
Dressed in funny clothes and then we’ll see
Pumpkins in the window shining bright.   (Put hands over head like a pumpkin.)
Oh, we’ll have a good time                     (Clap hands.)
On Halloween night!
We’ll put on our costumes, walk down the street,   (Walk in place.)
Hold out our bags and say, “Trick or Treat!”         (Pretend to hold out a bag.)
Then we’ll say “thanks” and run away.                   (Run in place.)
We can hardly way for Halloween Day.                  (Clap hands.)