Mother’s Day and all about my mom

If I were to describe my mom, the first thing in my mind would be: „I am extremely happy to have her in my life”. No matter how she is. SHE IS JUST MOM, and she is my superhero. I cannot imagine life without her, or at least I don’t want to.

You might wonder why am I’m writing about these obvious things…having a mother it’s only natural. Well, not to everybody. Many kids are calling „mommy” every stranger they meet and it’s heartbreaking. With them in mind I want us to treasure more our mothers and be thankful for every minute spent near them.

Love You Mom <3,



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Mother’s Day Activities for toddlers


I found some great activities for Mother’s Day, especially for class. Enjoy this and keep an eye on Engleza la Grădi for more posts about celebrating mothers.

Cannot wait for this special day to come :)!m4