Going on a picnic


Soare, mare, vacanţă…după această perioadă de răsfăţ şi relaxare, cel mai potrivit este să prelungim zâmbetele copiilor cu o lecţie despre picnic.

Poate fi o lecţie foarte distractivă, mai ales dacă este ţinută afară pe o păturică unde să organizaţi un picnic adevărat cu copiii.

Vă voi da câteva ponturi despre acestă lecţie şi apoi fug să o pun în practică 🙂


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Picnic in the Park – sung to „She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain”

Yes, we’ll all go on
A picnic in the park.
Yes, we’ll all go on
A picnic in the park.
Bring some lunch
And bring a ball.
There will be
Such fun for all!
Yes, we’ll all go on
A picnic in the park.

~ Barbara Paxson

The Picnic Basket 

Put salad, soda, and sandwiches in,
Forks and plates and cups.
Our picnic basket is filled to the top.
But I can’t pick it up!

I’ll eat some salad and sandwiches, too,
I’ll drink some soda pop.
Now my basket’s not so full,
And I can pick it up!

~Deborah Zumbar

Ants at a Picnic

Ants, Ants everywhere
Ants on my apple,
Ants on my pear.
Ants at a picnic
Are not so great.
I see five crawling
On my plate!


1. A.  Memory Game

Have the children sit in a circle and start with the letter „A”

I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring (name something with an „A.”) The next child has to remember what the „A” item was and add a „B” item, so on and so forth. It’s fun when the children have to remember a bunch, you’ll be really surprised as to how much they can remember.

GOING ON A PICNIC: Going on a picnic Leaving right away If it doesn’t rain we’ll stay all day. Did you bring the _____________(eg. lemonade). Yes, we brought the _____________ Did you bring the _____________ Yes, we brought the _____________… Going on a picnic HERE WE GO!

~Submitted by Cheryl’s Sweethearts ChildCare

1. B. I’m Going On a Picnic: Have students sit in a circle.  You start with, „I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring an apple.”  The first student must repeat, „I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring an apple and a banana.  The next student would repeat all and add an item that starts with a „c.”  And it keeps going around the circle.  Each student has to repeat what was previously said plus add their own item with the appropriate beginning letter.

2. Memory Game: Have students sit around a blanket or tablecloth.  Spread picnic items out on the tablecloth.  Have them take a close look, then close/cover their eyes.  Remove one item.  Have them take turns guessing what the missing item is.  Keep removing one item until they’re all gone.

3. Sorting: Provide students with a basket and picture cards of picnic vocabulary (it would be great if they match what’s on your Thematic Word Wall).  Students will sort food items into the picnic basket.