Complete FROZEN kit for Holidays

How else to spend the winter break if not with your favourite characters?

Click on the pictures below, print and Happy Holidays! 🙂

Frozen – movie worksheet

frozen 2

Frozen  – Movie vocabulary

frozen 1

Snow Queen

frozen 3

Frozen Activity Sheets

frozen 4

Frozen Colouring Pages from Disney

frozen 5

Free Frozen Learning Pack

frozen 6

Free Frozen Alphabet Cards

frozen 7




Spot the difference

What a fun and effective activity for developing speaking and vocabulary skills. Children tend to be competitive and they will always enjoy being challenged.


diff 6

diff 2

diff 3

diff 4

diff 5

diff 6


The Year of Playful English, or that’s what they say about 2015

Hello and Happy New Year!


I just got back from a great vacation with my family and friends. There was no internet connection, we only had our stories and jokes, lots of relaxation, cold and snow :). I feel happy to start a new year of blogging on Engleza la Gradi with you.

I admit I was not quite the blogger of the year lately and there were some good personal reasons for that but I really like fresh starts so I’m gonna take the beginning of 2015 to set 2 resolutions for my activity here.

1. Tuesday will be the official posting day

2. This year I will be focusing on videos and on the method.

You will find extra English tips on the  

Facebook page: Engleza la Grădi,

Twiteer page: @englezalagradi

Pinterest: englezalagradi.

It’s great to be back online. I’ll leave you with a first video lesson from Elf Learning: 


25 Easy Pretend Play Ideas

I really believe children learn better while pretending to play.

With my kids I played the shop and learnt the fruits, the vegetables, foods & drinks, the clothes, the toys and many others…We also played the doctor, the birthday party, cooking, fairytales, the wedding, the city :).


For the best play:

  • come up with a great scenary
  • play your role the best you can
  • the decor is very important
  • be flexible, children have a lot of imagination and they will change the story completely


Here are some pretend to play ideas from a great site: No Time for Flas Cards

  1. Superhero Props & Play
  2. Playdough Cupcake Bakery
  3. Vet Clinic
  4. Laundry Basket Sail Boat
  5. Airplane Voyage
  6. Princess Wand
  7. Pretend Play Elevator
  8. Robot Costume
  9. Weather Man
  10. Pizza Parlor Play
  11. Music Stand for Kid Concerts
  12. Kitchen Camp Out
  13. Cowboy Vest
  14. Pretend Play Art Gallery
  15. Coffee Shop Play
  16. Cereal Box Laptop
  17. Fire Truck
  18. Restaurant Play
  19. Science Lab
  20. Bubble Wand Lightsabre
  21. Library Play
  22. Knight’s Shield
  23. Santa’s Workshop – Be An Elf !
  24. Grocery Store Play.
  25. Post Office Play

What’s your favourite one?

Step into a magic world at Playful English Workshops

We ❤ stories and we love sharing them with you.

Meet your favourite characters at Playful English Workshops!

29 martie, 13.30 – 14.30
Libraria Predania
str. Vulturilor 8 (zona Unirii)

story-2 copy

Playful English, the funniest workshop ever

Sunt foarte fericită să vă dau de veste despre cel mai nou proiect semnat Engleza la Grădi, și anume atelierul Playful English.

Ideea încolțise de ceva timp și iată că s-au aliniat planetele :D, am găsit numele jucăuș pe care îl căutam: PLAYFUL ENGLISH, o sală cu o atmosferă minunată în cadrul librăriei Predania (Str. Vulturilor 8, București – zona Unirii), prieteni dragi care mă susțin și idei, muuulte, multe idei.

Playful English 3

Vă asigur că nu ne jucăm, pregătim cu seriozitate activități non-formale de învățarea limbii engleze care se anunță a fi:


pline de surprize

concepute să stimuleze munca în echipă și nu individualismul





Tema primului atelier este primăvara: The Joy of Spring

Playful English este deschis tuturor copiilor cu vârsta cuprinsă între 3 ani și 9 ani. Dacă sunt mulți doritori care nu se încarează în această limită de vârstă sunt sigură că putem găsi o soluție.

La atelier vor fi prezenţi cel mult 10 de copii, care se vor înscrie până la data de 27 martie 2014 la adresa sau 0740.593.418. Taxa de participare este de 50 lei de copil. Vă rog să solicitaţi pe mail confirmarea rezervării.

Pentru orice întrebări referitoare la atelier, nu ezitați să mă contactați.


Harta locației