ABC’s, Numbers & Colours #AjungemMari

Another amazing day with the children from Ajungem Mari project :). It feels so great to be with them even 2 hours a week as I really missed teaching.

We are still working on basis so today we had a quick review on ABC’s and on Numbers.

Here is a nice game we’ve played on Numbers Recognition & Writing

  • 1-10 flowers
  • one-ten butterflies

1901621_793141847432666_4973978244048327276_nEach child had a butterfly and they had to fly to the right flower. After completing the pairs, they took a good look at them and they had to write the numbers 1-10 on their notebooks. They’ve really made some progress since our last lesson so me and D. are very confident.

Next was the ABC review where we used the flashcards from the last time and remembered the ABC song. Again, we were happy to see the children knew it much better.

The new lesson was about Colours.D. teached them the colurs using a nice, cute book.





Next we had a little game. We put colour stickers in the room and each child had to run to a specific colour. So we could name this game „Run to…” red, green, yellow, brown, purple, pink, white, black, blue.


I cannot wait for the next Sunday to come. I am thinking of some crafts and creative activities with the kids. Also a name for our group…this should be really fun.




Meeting the children from #AjungemMari project

Today I met for the first time Diana, my teaching partner from Ajungem Mari educational project. You can read more about the project here: Da-ti pasiunea mai departe! She’s 17, very kind, the children loved her immediately and I am confident we can come up with a lot of great activities for the kids.

seven dwarfs

We teach English to 7 little dwarfs and they seem pretty happy to have not one but two White-Snows :))) They are smart, friendly, eager to learn new things, curious…they are amazing and we are very lucky to have the chance to spend 2 hours with them every Sunday. Their social assistant is also a nice person and it seems to take good care of them :).

I was very nervous for our first class and I packed a bag full of books, worksheets and other „goodies”, also sweets and candies aka motivational stuff and went to their place.

Me and D. planned to introduce ourselves to the little ones and to set some ground rules. Also to have a basic lesson about numbers and ABC. So I will explain below exactly how our activity was.


Hello! My name is… and I am X years old. Nice to meet you! (They weren’t very good at numbers so we went on with…)

Learning the numbers

Repeating the numbers 1 to 10 together, clear and loud

Introducing the song How Old Are You? about numbers and age

Writing down the numbers 1 to 10


Learning the ABC

Pronunciation and one word for each letter – flashcards activity

Now I know my ABC song

Ground rules

classroom rules autism classroom news

We really had a good time and after actually meeting the children we have lots and lots of ideas for the next weeks. Every Sunday you can check out our lesson plans on the blog and support us with your comments.



Form the numbers correctly!

1 – Straight line down, and then we are done. That’s the way to make the one!
2 – Round the track and back, two, two, two!
3 – Around a tree, around a tree, that’s the way to make a three!
4 – Down and over and down some more, that’s the way we make a four!
5 – The bee goes down, around the hive, go back up to make a five!
6 – Make a C then in you go, now you’ve made a six you know!
7 – Across the sky, then slant the line, makes a seven every time!
8 – Make an S and do not wait, go back up to make an 8!
9 – First a circle, then a line, that’s the way to make a 9!
0 – Round and round just like a O.  Look, now you’ve made a 0!

I want my Blue Teddy Bear back!

Atât de albastru și de frumos era ursul meu de pluș atunci când l-am pierdut. Nu îl primisem decât de o zi, dar mă îndrăgostisem pe viață și eram nedespărțiți. Aveam 4 ani cred..și într- clipă a dispărut :(.

Vă propun acest ursuleț simpatic, care sa îi ajute pe copii să învețe culorile și să numere. Singura condiție este să nu lipsească delicioșii ursuleți din jeleu. Mchiami!



1, 2, 3…..OAN, CIU, FRI (II)

Voi completa postul anterior cu multe cântece, poezii şi jocuri. Enjoy 🙂

1. Să începem cu unul amuzant..COUNTING DUCKS (desigur, puteţi modifica linia melodică cum vreţi :P)

2. Urmează câteva foarte simple, potrivite pentru grupa mică: LET’S COUNT SHEEP


4. Iată şi unul mai lent: NUMBERS SONG (vă asigur că majoritatea copiilor se vor plictisi la acest cantecel, dar vreau să aveţi de unde alege)


6. NUMBER SONG (cred eu ca e unul dintre cele mai dragute de aici)


8. POEM 1

One, one, one, please cat run.

Two, two, two, the dog is after you.

Three, Three, Three birds on a tree.

Four, four, four cats on the floor.

9. POEM 2: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

One, two, three, four five!
Once I caught a fish alive;
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Then I let it go again.

Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so.
Which finger did it bite?
This little finger on my right.


1,2  Tie my shoe
3,4  Shut the door
5,6  Pick up sticks
7,8  Lay them straight
9, 10  A big fat hen.
Let’s get up and count again!


There were ten in a bed and the little one said, 
„Roll over, roll over.”   rolling motion
So they all rolled over and one fell out.
There were nine in the bed and the little one said, 
„Roll over, roll over.”
So they all rolled over and one fell out….

  This is repeated until you get to the number one.  Each time „roll over” is said, rolling motion is dramatized.

There was one in the bed and the little one said, 
„Good night!”

12. O să vă povestesc şi joculeţul pe care îl fac de obicei. Aşez toţi copiii în cerc şi începem numărătoarea într-un anumit sens. Care dintre ei se încurcă, va reîncepe numărătoarea de la 1.

Dacă vedeţi că nu se descurcă prea bine, mai daţi o şansă copiilor care greşesc, ca să ajungă totuşi până la 12..

1, 2, 3….OAN, CIU, FRI (I)

O fi vre-un dialect numaratoarea asta pe care, culmea, mai toti picii o stiu. De obicei, cand vine lectia despre cifre, cu siguranta vor fi 2-3 copii care sa stie deja. „Doamna, dar eu stiiiu deja!!” „Foarte bine. Numara, sa auda si colegii tai” „Oan, ciu fri, for, fai….”

Si de aici incepe nu doar lectia propriuzisa, ci si o munca de lamurire cu copii care „stiu deja”. Asa cum banuiti, e mai mai usor sa ii inveti pe cei care nu stiu, decat sa ii convingi pe cei care „stiu”  ca de fapt este atfel. Acesta ar fi unul dintre momente in care este indicat sa apelam la „cuvantul profei este sfant” si la autoritatea noastra in domeniu. Mult succes cu asta 🙂

Dupa cele doua intrebari magice: HOW ARE YOU? si WHAT S YOUR NAME? continuam cu cifrele pentru a putea raspunde si la HOW OLD ARE YOU? Eu de obicei nu trec la urmatoarea intrebare pana nu vad ca au invatat-o foarte bine, pentru ca altfel o vor confunda cu celelalte si vor fi total bulversati.

Lectia cifrelor este una foarte draguta, in opinia mea, care se invata foarte repede. Puteti sa va folositi si aici de planse, de catecele haioase si chiar de poezioare scurte. Eu sper sa va ofer suficiente materiale.

CUVINTE: 1-ONE, 2 – TWO, 3 – THREE, 4 – FOUR, 5 – FIVE, 6 – SIX, 7 – SEVEN, 8 – EIGHT, 9 – NINE, 10 – TEN, 11 – ELEVEN, 12 – TWELVE

O sa pun si niste materiale ajutatoare pe care le puteti printa.