Halloween Games & Activities

Balloon Jack-O-Lanterns:  blow up an orange balloon for each Ss. Out of construction paper make face pieces to create ajack-o-lantern. Glue the face pieces to the balloon. (TP: V: jack-o-lantern, balloon, face vocab).

Costume Party:  Something all kids love to do – dress up in a Halloween costume.  Prizes can be given for best, scariest, funniest, etc.

Halloween Walk:  Form line on one side of room. Cross room in following ways: 1). Fly like a bat; 2) gallop like a cowboy on a horse; 3) hop like a bunny; 4) roll like a pumpkin;
5) dance like a princess; 6) creep like a cat; 7) walk like a skeleton; 8) float like a ghost; 9) stomp like a monster.  (TP: V: Action verbs with Halloween vocab).

Making Masks:  Making masks is always fun and is also a good review for parts of the face, colors and names of characters (Dracula, monster, witch, etc.).  Simple masks can be made with paper plates and string.  A competition can be held and prizes given for the best, the funniest, the scariest, the most colorful, the biggest.  (TP: V: Face vocab, colors, Halloween characters).

Trick or Treat Game:  Place slips of paper in a brown lunch bag.  On each write down a different „trick” such as „hop on one foot” or „close your eyes and touch your nose.”  Have each child in turn, say, „trick or treat” and draw a paper from the bag.  When s/he performs the „trick” say „treat” and give him/her either a Halloween sticker or a candy.  (TP: V: action verbs, trick, treat).

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