To the airport

One thing I know for sure, kids really love new things, surprises and playing.

So, if you wanna be the teacher of the year, print some plane tickets, make a lovely passport and let the pretend to travel play begin.

First, print the continents map: Continents-Color-Coded, colour them, learn them and choose a destination. We chose America.

map-of-the-world-continents-color-coded-i16Next, pack your bags: dresses, skirts, trousers, shoes, jaket, T-shirts, hat, suntan lotion, swimming costume, make-up, purse….

Take your passport (coloured paper, a funny portrait, and personal information), your suitcases, and go to the airport.


Buy an airplane ticket, with your name, the trip date, the destination, the trip time and the seat. All you need for the trip is here: Airport

airplane ticket

The best part is you can also choose to be the pilot or the flight attendant if you like.

But the most important rules are: free your imagination, travel safe and have fun learning!