Tooth Fairy Day games and printables

Today we celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day. If you are lucky enough to lose a tooth today, maybe Tooth Fairy will be far more generous than usual :).

Here sre some printables, games and activities to celebrate.

  1. Free printable Tooth Fairy Letters (from



    2. Race to Lose a Tooth: A Counting Game (from

lose a tooth counting game

3. Tooth Fairy Learning Pack (from

4. Teeth Game (

Happy Tooth Fairy Day!




Complete FROZEN kit for Holidays

How else to spend the winter break if not with your favourite characters?

Click on the pictures below, print and Happy Holidays! 🙂

Frozen – movie worksheet

frozen 2

Frozen  – Movie vocabulary

frozen 1

Snow Queen

frozen 3

Frozen Activity Sheets

frozen 4

Frozen Colouring Pages from Disney

frozen 5

Free Frozen Learning Pack

frozen 6

Free Frozen Alphabet Cards

frozen 7



Whose ears are these?

During this period I teach animals to my students and looking after some teaching resources, I found some interesting ones.

You’ll have the animals vocabulary, the interrogative `Whose?`, the genitive case and an interactive game. 4 in 1…sounds perfect for me:)

Here is the first game: Whose feet are these? Download here:

The second one: Whose ears are these? Download here:

The third one: Whose footprints are these? Download here:

Have fun teaching! Always 🙂


A trip in the mountains

Who’s ready for an adventure?

Pack your bags because we’re going to a mountain trip. 

Take a pair of boots and warm clothes, a tent and a sleeping bag, the first aid kit, a life vest, a flashlight and a whistle. Don’t forget about the camera to take amazing pictures and a big smile on your face.


The story begins with M., her father and sister and myself. M drew a map for the road, we got into the car and the adventure began. We laughed, we sang happy songs and we even stopped and went fishing for lunch.

But after we had entered the magic forest, something happened. 3 pairs of eyes were shining in the dark: a wolf, a fox and a bear. They were all watching us and they were decided not to let us pass, so we had to come up with a solution to flee from them…


And the story can go on for several posts :)). To sum up, just print the flashcards below and you can have a great English class revising the vocabulary, learning new words and imagining all sort of stories.

Click to download the Camping- flashcards & Camping- categorizing. Sursa:




First reading lessons

My kids are growing so we’ve started the first reading lessons in English. These are really amazing lessons so enjoy them as much as you can.


I’ve gathered some websites for making the process more fun. So check them out:

Reading Bear: all free, online activities, fun, easy to use, totally recomand it

Clarkness: free stories and eBooks for the beginning reader

Kiz Phonics: part-free, online & printing, coloured, smart, applications

Duo Lingo: free, application, on-line, efficient, game structured

Starfall: free, online, entertaining, audio

We Give Books: free on-line books, infinite books, charity, best website ever

Enjoy reading!


DESENE ANIMATE & BRANDURI la ora de engleza


  1. Facebook: FACE – faţă + BOOK – cartea
  2. Like – a plăcea
  3.  Weekend: WEEK – săptămâna + END – sfârşit
  4. Milka: MILK – lapte
  5. Lion – leu
  6. Teddy – ursulet
  7. Red Bull: RED – rosu + BULL – taur
  8. 7 Days: SEVEN – sapte + DAYS – zile
  9. Milkshake: MILK – lapte + SHAKE – a agita
  10. Fresh – proaspat
  11. Cheesecake: CHEESE – branza + CAKE – prajitura
  12. Full – plin
  13. Fast-Food: FAST – rapid + FOOD – mâncare
  14. Supermarket: MARKET – piaţă
  15. Hobby – pasiune
  16. Mail – posta
  17. Popcorn: CORN – PORUMB
  18. Mickey Mouse: MOUSE – şoarece
  19. Donald Duck: DUCK – rată
  20. Bugs Bunny: BUNNY – iepuras
  21. Sponge – burete
  22. Angry Birds: ANGRY – furios + BIRDS – pasari
  23. Spiderman: SPIDER – paianjen + MAN – barbat
  24. Batman: BAT – liliac
  25. Football: FOOT – picior + BALL – minge
  26. Handball: HAND – picior + BALL – minge
  27. Handsfree: HANDS – maini + FREE – liber