Ideas for meeting a new class

Câteva profesoare au împărtăşit activităţile din primele zile de grădi sau şcoala. Îmi plac foarte mult aceste idei, mai ales că pot fi puse în practică şi cu alte ocazii.

Voi pentru ce aţi opta în prima zi cu copiii? Favoritele mele sunt Dream Tree şi Animal Portraits :).

pic 2

Animal Portraits

A really successful one I used last year with Y4/5 class was to to introduce myself in the following way: Hello! My name is …… If I was an animal I would be a bee, because I’m always buzzing around! However I would like to be more of a tortoise because I need to slow down!
The children then drew a picture of themselves as their animal and wrote the completed sentences underneath. These made a lovely display.

Shoe-box portrait

Prepare shoe box with personal items that tell the children something about yourself and say why they are important. Children then draw/write what they would put in a shoebox that would demonstrate their personality. At the end of the session, give each child a self addressed postcard and ask them to write and send it back when they have had a really good day – would make a good display.

Friendship garden

You make flower templates, 1 child sits in the middle of the circle on a special cushion or beanbag, and the others have to say nice things about them ; a good friend, good at football, a good speller, etc. You write the things they say on the petals, with the child’s name in the centre. The flowers go in a ‘friendship garden display’, with leaves and grass etc. It’s especially nice to establish frienships in a new class, say at the beginning of term.

I am happy when…

On the board i put up numbers 1-6 and the following titles-1.I am happy when…/2.I am sad when…/3.I’m a good friend because…/4.I get worried when…/5.I get excited when…/6.I’m glad I’m me because…
We sat in a circle and took it in turns to roll a big dice and then share with the class the answer to the corresponding ‘feeling’ on the board. We then turned our ideas into ‘feelings flowers’-the children wrote down their responses to when they felt happy/sad… on 6 different petals and I took a photo of each child to go in the centre of their flowers. These looked really good and will make a nice display because they used brightly coloured card. Also allowed me to learn a bit about the children.

tree 3

Dream Tree

I use a ‘dream tree’ display in my first lesson with my new class.  We have a display board prepared with the branches of a tree and every child is given a leaf made from green paper and they write an aspiration for the year.  We discuss it first, circle time style, adn then stick our leaves on the tree.  Over the year they can add other leaves as they want to and transfer their dreams to an ‘our achievements’ roll of honour we create later on (this can be added to without a leaf too).

Class Flag

Im going to make a class flag this year with little sections of material and fabric pens.  They will each design a section and I will sew them together and hang it up in the class for September.  That way I can use it to highlight how we all stick together as a class etc etc


Last year we made bookmarks. Each child wrote and decorated their name on one side and on the other drew pictures of their favourite things eg pet/animal, sport, character, place, number etc. We then laminated and cut them out. At the beginning of the new school year we gave them back to the children during their first individual read. Most have kept and used them throughout the year (Y2).



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